Interview with Zala Cuden

Ocean is my happy place. Let the freedom be your guide.

1. Nick Name: Big Z

2. Place of Residence: All over the world.

3. When you were a child, what did you want to be older?: I wanted to be a gardener.

4. Is there anyone who inspires you?  For sure! Carrisa Moore, Erin Brooks and Caroline Marks.

5. What do you breakfast? Usually Muesli. And coffee!

6. What is your favourite hour to surfing?: 8am 🙂 Not too early, but still morning sesh.

7. Favorite place to surfing: Mentawais.

8. The most handsome trip you got involved: Mentawais.

9. What do you wear in your backpack when you´re going to surf?: Sunscreen, water, zinc sunscreen, extra leash, some snacks.

10. Favorite food: That´s a hard one. Ice cream.

11. How much money do you usually carry over?: Haha usually 10eur.

12. How many hours do you sleep?: 9-10 hours.

13. Could you recommend a book?: I am not such a reader, but the last one I read was from Celeste Barber. Challenge accepted.

14. A film: Green Book.

15. Superwoman or Layne Beachley?: She is a superwoman:)

16. It´s a time for you… I would just like to thank you to support me and protect me from the sun. It means a lot!

Thank you for your time and we hope the next year be plenty of trips, waves, projects, and fun. Connect with Zala.